A short tour through Marbach

Not only for the international students it was a very good opportunity to find out more about the

renowned small city of Friedrich Schiller, Marbach am Neckar. This city has an interesting history and this was told us by ......  our guide. He is a former teacher of our school and his way of describing the history in English was really interesting for every student. Pointing the most

important things of Marbach, we found out that this city was burned down twice, and rebuilt again. With the help of old original pictures we discovered that it was divided in two districts. One for the very rich people and the other one for the poor people. Nowadays we only can identify the houses from rich people, which remained the same until now. But at the poor part, everything was rebuilt and renovated,and looks beautiful now. While we were finding out those facts, we took a

walk to the remains of the old city and analized some artistic monuments.

At the end everybody knew more about the city, where we are going everyday and spending

a lot of time in.