Just in time for Christmas

In December, the IFC was finally able to welcome Amin from Tajikistan in Marbach. Gerti from Kosovo is yet to come to complete the 2020/21 IFC classes.

The IFC classes took the challenge of bringing the Christmas atmosphere into their FSG classroom: No Christmas without a Christmas Tree, the students requested. Without hesitation, a tree was set up and decorated altogether. Amid the Christmas spirit, Amin made his way to IFC classroom – about 5,000 kilometers from Tajikistan to Germany. Having joined the IFC just a week before the nationwide lockdown, Amin is still excited: “I have already found many friends. Everyone is really kind and wants to help me.“ In his host family, yet another exciting thing for Amin is Christmas: “I am expecting something unreal because it is my first Christmas. In Tajikistan, we do not have Christmas.” 

In September, the IFC coordinators started an online petition to help the remaining internationals to apply for a visa. The extra efforts paid off: Even before Amin, Dragana from Montenegro had arrived in Marbach. Now, only Gerti from Kosovo is still missing the IFC but he should be able to make the trip to Germany in January. Finally.