The Welcome Party

„Hello Internationals, welcome to the IFC and welcome to Germany“

This motto leaded the IFC Welcome Party, which had taken place in the first week of school, on 15th September 2017. Students, parents and teachers were there to welcome our guests. At the beginning we introduced each other to the audience in English and German and tried to say at least one sentence in the language of our international partner which was quiete amusing. We started eating from our buffet with the food of many different countries like tortilla from Spain. Sweet or salty, cake or pizza, coca cola or beer- we had something delicious for everybody. Enjoying our meal at the lovely decorated tables, we had many nice conversations and the room was filled with pleasure and especially anticipation about the upcoming year. Later, all the students went outside together, to continue talking and  having fun and when we walked back, we did it as a long chain. Hand in hand as symbol of our bond. Smiling and laughing we walked one round through the room and it seemed like that we knew each other much longer than just one week. After a while my friend and me started to make music together with our music teacher Mr. Jauch. More and more people joined until even teachers and parents were singing to the music of the piano. We sang English, Spanish and German songs and had a lot of fun. The music found the way to our hearts and there was harmony everywhere and whenever I think about it, I have to smile. The many, little flags of our countries, which were clued onto the candles, shined bright, reminding us how different we are, but though somehow connected. I recognized how thankful we can be to be a part of the IFC with its great experiences and I am really looking forward to this exiting year. Thanks that the IFC exists!