Don´t be afraid

Ok, so the first time I actually got into touch with the IFC was in 7th grade when a good friend of mine got accepted. Back then I never really thought about applying for it myself, but what my friend told me sounded really cool.
And then in 9th grade I was asked “Hey, you wanna join the IFC?” which was followed by my thoughts constantly switching between “hell yeah” and “haha no” for the next few months.
I mean of course I wanted to be in the IFC because as most people noticed, it's a pretty cool thing to be part of. But at the same time I have to admit, I was pretty scared.
Well obviously in the end I decided to apply since I knew I was gonna regret it if I didn't and I have to say, it was one of the best decisions I've ever made.
Not only because now I can feel like I´m improving my English, but also because I got to know lots of cool new people from lots of different cultural backgrounds.
Apart from that all, a thought that really stuck with me over the last few months is how much respect I have for the internationals. I could have never decided to just go to some random country to live there for a year, especially without being fluent in their language.
So yeah, thank you for doing this.