The IFC tower

The night after I knew that I was accepted to the IFC, I had a dream. I was climbing on a tower with some of my friends. That tower was one hundred meters high and its sides looked like the walls you find in climbing halls. Still, we were very determined to reach the top of it. This tower was the IFC tower! I find dreams and how your brain works with the experiences you make when you´re awake very interesting. I thought a lot about the meaning of this dream and came to the conclusion that it probably simply reflected our desperate wish to become part of the IFC and all the things we would do to achieve this. Back to what I actually intended to write about: the IFC tower. It´s one of those FSG neologisms. But it´s more than that: If you say that you now have lessons in the IFC tower, you feel good and a bit like a part of something mysterious. You feel like you belong to something bigger and more important than just a usual 10th class. Some people make fun of this term, but the people from the IFC love it and use it frequently. Another thing are the IFC hoodies. They have a similar effect on you; you feel special. When I saw someone wearing this hoody in the past, I thought like "omg he´s part of the IFC, he´s so cool, I want to have this hoody, too!“. I guess this is also part of the reason why so many (Germans) want to join the IFC. It´s true that we´re different to regular classes. I feel like we a have a bigger sense of community in the class than usual, also the love-hate relationship between the two IFCs is unique. We´re doing more excursions and activities such as going to Berlin and the Landratsamt or having a stall on the Christmas market. We´re having barbecues. We have our own classrooms. We have friends from all over the world. We´re good at speaking English. We get our own maths Jahresrückblicksarbeiten. We´re going to have a yearbook. Yes, we´re having the tower and the hoodies. Class 10b also has other things that I´m not going to talk about here ;). And we have some of the funniest teachers.