IFC locked down

What does the IFC mean for me? Fun, Adventure, New Experiences, Friends and LOTS of English. How was it so far? Especially the English was really tough at the beginning as I had not been in a BILI class before. Speaking and reading English all the time was unusual and scary. But no worries - it got better after some time. Getting to know the Internationals and their way of studying is a great experience. Sometimes we have to overcome cultural gaps.

But going to Berlin together, cooking, going to the opera with Mr. Jauch and working together at the "Marbacher Weihnachtsmarkt" helped us to form a community. I was really looking forward to share the upcoming spring and summer with our IFC classes and experience many of the fun things you can do when the weather is nice. I was thinking of bike trips, time

spent at the Neckar or the Freibad and other outdoor places in and around Marbach. And of course the IFC concert for which we already had practised in our music lessons.

Now all this has come to a full stop due to Corona. It is not likely that the public places to go to will open any time soon. And we do not know when we can go back to school and meet friends. Basically we are stuck at home and the IFC experience seems sadly far away. I am sure if you join the IFC in the following years, the Corona pandemic will be a bad memory of the past and you will have Fun, Adventure, New Experiences, Friends and LOTS of English.