Intercultural experience

Here are some real-life intercultural studies (experiences first-hand):

Even though we might be from different parts of the world we may share something as trivial as a favorite TV show or a favorite sport. We learnt that Burmese food can be a very nice alternative to “Maultaschen” and “Käsepätzle” and that in fact you can sing “Silent night” in every language represented in the IFC. I guess all of us where taught at least some basics in a foreign language e.g. hello (= cześć, hola, Zdravo) or some other words that I do not want to list here. ;)
In contrast there are also some differences that at least I for my part wasn't aware of before this year. For example we learnt that you do not celebrate Christmas in every part of the world but in some places you just pour a bucket of water over someone’s head - I still can’t wrap my head around this tradition haha.
But above all I think what is most important is that we had a lot of fun together. I think it’s safe to say that this was and is a truly very unique and memorable year that no one will forget that quickly.
Thanks to everyone who made it possible! :))