Communication skills next level

HOW TO: not understand a thing but pretend that you do

Ever had someone in the IFC talk to you in English, which you normally would be able to understand, but you genuinely, for the love of god, didn’t get a thing?

Well, then this is dedicated to you! I’ll introduce you to my two steps I find vital while trying to survive as someone as stupid as me, surrounded by the geniuses of the IFC.

The first step In order to not blow your cover as someone with the IQ of a slice of bread, one of the essential things to do is perfect your smile or nod of agreement, which can be used in any situation.

One of the geniuses is philosophizing about how math is *insert something smart, I couldn’t even think of anything* again and you are busy trying to decode the language, not to mention understanding the logic behind what they said?
Say no more: The smile/ nod of agreement (whichever you prefer) is the perfect solution.

Now the second step…
According to this step never, and I can’t stress that enough, NEVER show weakness.
No matter how stupid you feel, no matter the state of you despair, don’t let them see how broken you are inside, because they will have no mercy on you. They will destroy you with their vocabulary, dissect you with their unlimited knowledge and leave you behind with no will left to live.

But if you pay close attention and open your mind and your heart to their greatness, you might actually learn something from them and it’s great fun.

May the odds be ever in your favour.