Mission impossible

If I heard that my first 5-day trip to Berlin would involve everything from a proper “the world is about to end” shopping spree, stay in “Abenteuerzentrum” where we all had to play cooks and chefs preparing the meals for everyone ourselves, to movie and table tennis nights with my teachers and classmates, a lot of driving around the city visiting basically everything worth seeing and finally even managing to celebrate into our friend’s birthday, I’d say no, that’s just impossible! I would say girls had the most fun because we managed to fit 20 people in a room with fifteen beds so you could guess we had girls’ night every night, but the boys did reorganize their whole room as a man cave and even somehow manage to put sofas and football table inside while we were breaking our legs trying to apparently improve our parkour skills jumping over mattresses and suitcases that were everywhere, so yeah… I call that a tie. Not only that we were in the most of Berlin’s famous and historical locations (thanks to our driver Mirko!), we also had some free time to spend on our own exploring the city and yes, we had to try the Currywurst and the original Döner – delicious! The city will always have a special place in my heart. The kitchen somehow became a fun place too. We were singing to Bruno Mars and trying not to mess everything up under the eye of our three musketeers, Ms. Sipos, Mr. Brenner & Mr. Büttner! Jokes aside, this trip would be nothing without them. I think they actually proved us that teachers can be fun, nice and even our heroes (we won’t forget the time you left in the middle of our dinner to make us more Käsespätzle!) This trip was important and memorable to each and every one of us. Sharing the fun moments and laughs brought us all closer together and all in all might have been the first time I truly felt like we all belong to one big happy IFC family.