The Berlin experience

The IFC — A marvelous year

I won't regret joining the IFC and hope you all too. But the COVID-19 destroyed a lot of upcoming moments, which would have been amazing, I mean look at the weather the past to weeks, they were amazing. Even though we shouldn't speak too much about, you know what today I'm going to talk about the best trip of the world.

The first day of the trip was the journey to the capital Berlin. We drove by bus, it was exhausting but I think we had a lot of fun. Singing, watching movies, reading books – we had enough entertainment. Before we reached Berlin we had to buy groceries, which wasn't an easy thing, because we needed to buy stuff for more than 50 people! ;) After a short sleeping time and a satisfying breakfast the second day of Berlin started. We went to the Reichstag and for lunch we ate currywurst, which was delicious. Spending free time in Berlin is sometimes difficult because you want to do that, this and that and the time is already over when you haven’t even started. Visiting the holocaust memorial is a must if you ever are in Berlin, so we did. I will just say it was horrifying. Already Wednesday, the day with a lot of free time. Before we had free time we went to the Berlin Wall, which is again a must, if you ever are in Berlin. After spending a lot of free time, the highlight of the day was coming: Hikaru's meal (an international from Myanmar). We cooked for 2 hours, but the meal was fantastic. Thanks again Hikaru.

If you want to hear more about this trip, you need to apply for the IFC next year, which again is marvelous. PS: Special shout out to the best history teacher in the world: Mr. Büttner. He planned our program, which was amazing.